Reminder from the VDBKA Librarian

Reminder from the VDBKA Librarian – Samantha Chapman

As the darker evenings start to creep in on us and the practical beekeeping starts to wind down for the winter, don’t forget the wealth of material we have in the VDBKA library. Winter is a great time to catch up on your bee-related reading, and learn a few new things whether for interest or to prepare for one of the BBKA practical/theory exams.

The list of books is available on the website -

- a few books have been added over the last couple of years to bring the selection in line with the recommended reading on the BBKA booklist. I will be bringing a selection of books to most of the winter association meetings, starting with the AGM on 20 October.

If there is a specific book you wish to borrow, then let me know – Email me – and I can reserve it and bring it along to that meeting, or future ones. Books are free for members to borrow, and there is no time limit on the borrowing of books (within reason).

Finally, a reminder to those members who currently have books on loan from last winter – please could you return them, either at the next winter association meeting or by arrangement with me, so that they are available for others.

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