Swarm Removal

During this time of year and through the summer months we get many calls and questions from people with bees in their houses, outbuildings and gardens.

There are over 250 types of bees in the UK but there is only one european honey bee (Apis mellifera). As well as honey bees there are around 24 species of bumblebee and over 240 species of solitary bee in the UK. Please see below to help identify what type of bee you have and who to approach for help and information.
A swarm of honey-bees May 2013 - photo John Eustace

If you come across a swarm of bees don’t panic. The bees are usually quite docile while they are swarming and they may not stay in place for more than a few hours. Please do not disturb the bees, instead to find details of someone local to you please visit: BBKA Swarm Removal . All VDBKA swarm collectors have made their location and contact details available on the BBKA Swarm Map – managed by the British Beekeepers Association.

Bees in buildings: Please note all of our swarm collectors or indeed other beekeeping organisations are unable to work at height or dismantle building structures due to BBKA insurance restrictions. We therefore recommend you read this document and then contact a specialist company.

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