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Honey is adulterated for economic gain on an industrial scale across the globe. We believe current measures to ensure authenticity of honey are insufficient. Public health, free market, livelihoods, food security, consumer confidence and bee health issues are all at risk.

Current regulations, testing and enforcement are inadequate to protect and inform consumers, and there is a need for an urgent comprehensive review in order to detect honey fraud.

We need the government to overhaul and update the labelling of the honey sold in the UK. This is the first step in reducing the amount of ‘so-called’ honey sold in our supermarkets that contain very little honey produced by bees.

Please consider signing this petition and ask your friends to sign it. This effects anyone who buys, sells or eats honey.

Petition: Review honey authenticity and current regulation of the honey market

Fully review the honey market and Honey Regulations, to review evidence of honey fraud within the honey market, and reform regulations and arrangements for enforcement, to prevent future fraud.

More details:

Sign this petition – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/607735

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