Asian Hornet Rolling News Page

Asian Hornet Rolling News Page
01 October 2018, 22:41
A new ‘Asian Hornet: UK sightings in 2018’ page has been published on Gov.Uk. This, along with BeeBase, will be updated with new developments as they occur.

As usual, further information regarding the Asian hornet can be found on the Asian hornet page of BeeBase and on Defra’s Asian hornet rolling news page.

Please report sightings:

• with your smart phone or tablet, by using the ‘Asian hornet Watch’ app: for Iphone and  Android;

• online:;

• by email to: Please include as much information as possible in your email; where you saw the sighting, your name and contact details and if possible an image.

Please direct all media enquiries to the Defra Press Office: 0330 0416560

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